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1.William Douglas (29,707 bytes)
...lourishing place.  To be sure, they can put up a Sputnik, but when you get down into the field of the huma...
2.Elsa Maxwell (40,067 bytes)
...f it, her views on Soviet Russia from Kruschev to Sputnik and what it's like to be the wife and then the wi...
3.The Mike Wallace Interview (35,334 bytes)
...son, syndicated columnist, talks to Wallace about Sputnik, a third world war, Eisenhower, Nixon, Kennedy, a...
4.Malcolm Muggeridge (28,190 bytes)
Sputnik......Anti-Americanism in Britain...
5.Nobel Prize Winners (28,142 bytes)
Sputnik, if you want to hear what kind of a life a Commun...
6.Drew Pearson (30,495 bytes)
Sputnik......Publicity given latest Ca...
7.Walter Reuther (35,065 bytes)
...ur-day workweek for the time being,  because in Sputnik without --we need all of our resources and we ne...
8.Leonard Ross (32,938 bytes)
... few educators that are trying to remedy this... "Sputnik"... and I see in the paper everyday and I think t...
9.Alexander de Seversky (30,879 bytes)
... that correct?  Well now, since the first Soviet Sputnik
10.Henry Wriston (31,346 bytes)
Sputnik proved it...  and I think it has given a good d...

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