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1.Eddie Arcaro (34,014 bytes)
...hy he wants to be the United States Ambassador to Israel.  Because prior  committments made it impossib...
2.Kirk Douglas (30,043 bytes)
...sm or any aspect of a movement that helps develop Israel to a strong country because I think this in turn ...
3.William Douglas (29,707 bytes)
... official policy is as respects Red China, India, Israel, the Arab world, or what have you;  to be rather...
4.Abba Eban (30,395 bytes)
...  ......WALLACE:  The State of Israel was conceived ten years ago, in hope.  It has li...
5.George Jessel (37,056 bytes)
...as I have to do, such as I will speak now for the Israel Bond thing in 70 cities, possibly every day.  No...
6.The Mike Wallace Interview (35,334 bytes)
...onships, and his desire to be named ambassador to Israel.
...dent Nasser, Jews in America, and the charge that Israel threatens world peace with a policy of territoria...
7.Reinhold Niebuhr (28,790 bytes)
..., the God of the Prophets never was completely on Israel
8.Drew Pearson (30,495 bytes)
... that I am sure, because he was a great friend of Israel, and a great friend of the Jewish people, but he ...
9.Lillian Roth (31,964 bytes)
...upt,  we'll go after those stories on the eve of Israel's tenth anniversary as a nation next week.   Ti...
10.Philip Wylie (26,549 bytes)
...ht.......WALLACE:  The state of Israel.........WYLIE:  I've always opp...

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