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1.William Douglas (29,707 bytes)
... our freedoms are being restricted because of the Cold War,  but he says, another factor is what he calls ...
2.Malcolm Muggeridge (28,190 bytes)
...against which we are supposed to be fighting in a cold war
3.Reinhold Niebuhr (28,790 bytes)
...CE:  Next week, we go after the story of how the cold war
4.Drew Pearson (30,495 bytes)
...gth.  We are in a position to gradually lose the Cold War
5.Jean Seberg (31,075 bytes)
...ns on colonialism, the satellite countries,  the cold war and the arms race --we'll go after those stories ...
6.Alexander de Seversky (30,879 bytes)
Interview ...Balance of terror of cold war......United States military effo...

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