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About “ The Mike Wallace Interview” Digitization Project

This project began in the summer of 2005 with a conversation between Steve Wilson of the Harry Ransom Center and Quinn Stewart of the University of Texas School of Information. Quinn had been working with Dr. Grete Pasch for a number of years in using online rich-media content in education, and Dr. Pasch was currently creating a large rich-media collection at the Universidad Francisco Marroquín using software tools developed in Guatemala by Glifos.com.

Quinn was looking for an English language video collection, with existing transcripts, preferably free of any copyright restrictions that would prevent public display on the Web. He had recently been involved in the successful acquisition of 1.1 million in grant funding from the Institute of Museum and Library Services to create and implement a digitization education program at the School of Information, and was searching for a project that could provide hands-on experience for graduate students.

Steve mentioned the “Mike Wallace Interview” collection housed by the Ransom Center. The University acquired the collection as a donation by Mike Wallace in the early 1960’s. The collection contained 16mm kinescope film recordings of over 60 interviews, along with the transcripts to the interviews. Steve and Quinn began to discuss how the collection could be utilized by students in the School of Information, and Quinn and Dr. Pasch began creating a course built around the collection. Steve was able to obtain funding to have the 16 mm films converted to mini-DV digital surrogates to be used by the students, and the original paper transcripts were scanned and placed on CD’s for student use by the HRC staff.

In the spring semester of 2006, the graduate course “Developing Digital Media Collections” was taught to 16 students by Dr. Pasch and Quinn Stewart, with Dr. Gary Geisler teaching another section of the course to 10 students in the spring semester of 2007. Students in these classes used optical character recognition software to convert the original image scans into a machine readable format, digitized the video for online use, and used gmCreator software to index, caption, and synchronize the video content.

While it was apparent that this was a rewarding and enriching experience for the students, it was clear that it could take some time to complete the collection. Dr. Pasch and the New Media Department at Universidad Francisco Marroquín worked with the Ransom Center to complete the bulk of the collection in late 2007.

Students in the spring semester of 2008 completed several audio-only interviews and remaining interviews in the collection, which was then loaded onto the gmLibrary server at the School of Information, creating a keyword searchable, synchronized, rich-media database of the collection.

At the time the collection was opened in early 2008, there was very limited functionality on the Macintosh platform. The developers of the Glifos software were in the process of creating Glifos-social media, a MediaWiki based system that would allow communities to enrich media collections by adding tightly integrated table of contents and transcripts, as well as scholarly content and discussion. The end result is a rich collection where users can locate, watch, and share any segment within any media with ease.

The entire Mike Wallace collection was migrated from the gmLibrary system to the Glifos-social media system during the first week of June, 2008, thanks to the efforts of Carlos Aguilar, Shane Williams, and Sam Burns.

The School of Information will now continue with research into the usage of this historically unique collection, as well as updating and adding other elements to the collection.

The School of Information, the New Media Department at Universidad Francisco Marroquín, and the staff of Glifos.com wish to thank Steve Wilson of the Ransom Center for his trust, patience, vision, and good humor during the entire course of this project.

Spring 2006 Students

Leanda Gahegan
Heather Nodler
Kelly Delevan
Ron Richardson
Haley Richardson
Mark Downs
Bryce Spencer
Nicole Soriano
Cordelia Fantova
Megan Peck
David Wilson
Jacki Takach
Melanie Cofield
JongHun Kim
Patrick Williams
Carie McGinnis

Spring 2007 Students

David Kim
Carolyn Cunningham
Clifford Allen
Elias Tzoc
Jin Wu
Kate Bronstad
Susan Harwood-Kaczmarczik
Rebeca M. Rodriguez
Keith Rutledge
Laura Mundee

Spring 2008 Students

Katie Causier
Peter Haligas
Karen Holt
Julie Chapa

NEW MEDIA DEPARTMENT at Universidad Francisco Marroquín


Transcription & Synch
Maria Lucia Aldana
Regina de De la Vega
Claudia Leiva
Jennifer Mills
Evelyn Orantes
Katty Schellenger
Lucía Bahr
Christiaan Ketelaar
Daphne Ortiz
Text Revisers
Barbara de Koose
Michiel Glaudemans
GML/Tech Support
Pedro David España
Mario Pivaral
Content Analysis coordinator: Rebeca Zuñiga
LUDWIG VON MISES LIBRARY at Universidad Francisco Marroquín (http://biblioteca.ufm.edu)
Nora Domínguez
GLIFOS (http://www.glifos.com)