Searching for Employers, Contacts, and iSchool Alumni

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  •  Hello and welcome to iCareers. This video tutorial will show you how to search the employers and contacts stored in the iCareers directory. 
  •  From the iCareers homepage click on the employer's tab from the navigation bar. 
  •  You can search for a specific employer using the search function, browse the directory by selecting organization type or 
  •  employment sector or by clicking a letter of the alphabet.  
  •  For my example we'll search for Smithsonian. 
  •  Type it in the search bar and hit search. 
  •  After performing a search click on the name of the employer to access their account. 
  •  You can see all the contacts and all the jobs posted. 
  •  A really good tool to utilize would be the archives and future jobs tab. 
  •  This would be a good tool when searching for an internship since a lot of employers post jobs annually. 
  •  This will allow you to prepare your materials. 
  •  You can also follow employers by clicking the follow button on the right-hand side. 
  •   This will allow you to access their information easier in the future. 
  •  You can also search for employers by industry and locations. 
  •   My next example I'm searching for libraries, in Texas. 
  •  You can search for whatever you're looking for. 
  •  Type in the criteria want, then hit search. 
  •  This will bring up all the libraries in Texas in iCareers. If you find one you really want to work for click, follow. 
  •  This will help you find them easier in the future. 
  •  If you scroll to the top you can click on the following and it will show a list of the employers you wish to follow 
  •  so you can access them easier. 
  •  Now we will look at searching for contacts.  
  •   From within the employer section click on the contacts tab. 
  •  You can search for specific contact using the search function or browse the directory  
  •  by clicking on the letter of the alphabet. 
  •  I just clicked on the letter of the alphabet, scroll through and when you find someone you're looking for. 
  •  All their information will be clear once you click on the account. 
  •  You can add them to favorites just like you did with the employers. 
  •  They will who up under your favorite contacts tab. 
  •  Now let's look at how to search for alumni in iCareers.   
  •  Click on the contacts tab from within the employer section, click more options. 
  •  On the right-hand side on the contact type drop-down menu you'll select iSchool alumni… 
  •  Lets use Texas as the state for an example. 
  •  Hit search. This will bring up all the Texas alumni from the iSchool in iCareers. 
  •  You could find all their information, add them to your favorites and make  
  •  easier for yourself to connect with them in the future. 
  •  Now you can easily locate employers & contacts and follow them in iCareers. Thank you 
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TitleSearching for Employers, Contacts, and iSchool Alumni
Abstract This video tutorial will show you how to search for employers, contacts, and iSchool alumni stored in the iCareers directory.