Advanced Job Search and Email Alerts

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  •  Hello and welcome to iCareers.  
  •  This video tutorial will show you how to set up an e-mail alert, save a search, 
  •   and perform an advanced job search.  
  •  E-mail alerts allow you to receive e-mail notification when jobs are posted to the system 
  •   based on the criteria you set. 
  •  As you can see I've already logged into my account. 
  •  From the iCareers home page click on the job tab in the middle of the navigation bar. 
  •  Click advanced search on the right-hand side. 
  •  Set your job search criteria by selecting the fields that are important to you, like position type or location.  
  •  Be aware there are many more filters in the drop-down menu. 
  •  An important note about location. The Zip code feature yields better results than the city field.  
  •  For example, if the city is listed as Round Rock and you enter Austin, it will not show up in the results.  
  •  However, if you enter 50 miles from the ZIP code 78701, you will get every job posting in the greater Austin area. 
  •  For example I will search for internship, 
  •  archives 
  •  in Texas 
  •  Hit search. 
  •  These are all the results that fit my criteria. 
  •  Once you have created a search and want to save it. 
  •  Click on the save searches tab at the top right-hand corner. 
  •  Enter the title. 
  •  Select how often you want to receive these e-mails. 
  •  Click save. 
  •  Once you have correctly saved an e-mail search this is what it should look like. 
  •  Now let's look at another way to find a specific job. Some students can only work on-campus 
  •  therefore, we will search for campus jobs. 
  •  From the iCareers home page click on the jobs tab in the navigation bar. 
  •  Type, UT Austin in quotation marks in the search engine. 
  •  Hit search. 
  •  This search will show every job listing under the parent company, UT Austin. 
  •  It is important to include quotation marks so institutions such as the Dolph Briscoe Center will show up in the results. 
  •  Because UT is the parent organization even though UT Austin is not the main employer title. 
  •  Now we are going to look at another example of an advanced search. 
  •  I'm starting from within the jobs tab. Click on the advanced search on the right-hand side. 
  •  Scroll down and click, more filters. 
  •  For this example, I will say I am searching for a full-time job, 
  •  in a library 
  •  in California. 
  •  Hit search. 
  •  These are all the job results which match my criteria. 
  •  You can now save this as an e-mail alert 
  •  or clear the field and start a new search. 
  •  Now you ready to create your own e-mail alert 
  •  and search for a specific job using the advanced search feature. Thank you. 
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TitleAdvanced Job Search and Email Alerts
AbstractThis video tutorial will show you how to set up an email alert, save a search, and perform an advanced job search.